Test information by test number.
Exam Name
050-632networking technologies
050-634NDS Design and Implimentation
050-644NDS Design and Implementation
050-650Internet Security Management with BorderManager 3.5 Enterprise Edition
050-658Service and support
050-663Novell edirectory and active directory
050-664Novell edirectory design and implementation
050-665 groupwise 6.0 administration
050-676upgrading to netware 6
050-681Novell network management:netware 6
050-686foundations of novell networking:netware 6.5
050-688upgrading to netware 6.5
050-690novell network management;netware 6.5
050-691advanced novell network amnagement:netware 6.5
050-692Novell zenworks 6.5 desktop management
050-694Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration
050-695Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation:eDirectory 8.8
050-696Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare
050-704Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+ZENworks
050-707Novell Open Enterprise Server for Netware Adanced Admin
050-708SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration
050-710Novell Certified Linux Administrator
050-719Novell Certified Administrator - Enterprise Services
050-720Certified Linux Administrator 11
050-728Identity and Security Specialization: Novell Sentinel 6.1
050-730Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator
050-877cni-foundations of novell networking:netware 6
050-886cni-foundations of novell networking:netware 6.5
050-888cni-upgrading to netware 6.5
050-890novell network management:netware 6.5

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