Test information by test number.
Exam Name
920-105NNCSS-Symposium Call Center Server Install.& Main
920-107NNCSS-Periphonics MPS 100 Installation and Maintenance
920-108NNCSS-Periphonics MPS 100 Technical Support
920-110NNCSS SL-100 Maintenance Certification Exam
920-111NCSS-VoIP Communication Server(CS)2100
920-112NNCSS Media Processing Server(MPS)500-Technical Support
920-113NCSS Media Processing Server(MPS)500-Install.& Maint
920-114NNCSS-Symposium Web Center Portal
920-115Communication Server 2100 SE08/SE09 Support Specialist
920-118NNCSS-Symposium Call Center TAPVAgent install & Maint
920-119NNCSS-Symposium Call Center TAPI/Agent
920-120NNCSS MPS 100 Application Developer Exam
920-121NNCSS MPS Application Developer
920-122NNCSS MPS Application Developer-Speech
920-123NCSS-BayStack/BPS Switching Exam
920-124NNCDS -Ethernet Switching Exam
920-125NNCDS Succession BCM 3.0 Exam
920-127NNCSS Succession BCM 3.0 Exam
920-128MPS 500 Ris. 3.0 Operations and Maintenance
920-130NNCSS-Symposium Express Call Center 4.2
920-131NCSS-Symposium Express Call Center Installation&Maint 4.2
920-132Media Processing Server Ris. 3.0 Application Developer
920-133NNCSS Baystack Switching
920-134NCSS_VoIP Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 Exam
920-136NCDS - Ethernet Switching Solutions
920-138NNCSS Succession 1000/1000M Ris.3.0 Exam
920-139NCDS Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 3.0
920-140VoIP Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 3.0
920-141NNCDS-Communication Server(cs)1000 release 4.0

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