Exam Code: C2090-919
Exam Name: Informix 11.70 System Administrator
Questions: 123 Q&As
Updated: 2019-01-27
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Test information:

  • Number of questions: 63
  • Time allowed in minutes: 90
  • Passing score: 60%
  • Language: English
  • Test Fee: 30 USD
  • Sponsor Area: IBM Information Management Assessment Tests
  • Test Title: AT0919: 919 System Administrator for Informix Server 11.70 Assessment

Section 1 - Installation and Configuration (12.5%)

  1. Determine appropriate connection types and communication protocols

  2. Plan for Distributed System capabilities

  3. Determine the number and size and placement of logical and physical logs to accommodate transaction activity

  4. Determine when an instance can/should use AIO or KAIO

  5. Set up Operating System files and parameters

  6. Deployment assistant/ Deployment utility

  7. Knowledge of migration and upgrading

  8. Knowledge of installation order for multiple products

  9. Prepare and use of user defined types

Section 2 - Space Management (19%)

  1. Configure and manage dbspaces and sbspaces

  2. Knowledge of OLTR

  3. Knowledge of storage pool mgmt

  4. Knowledge of extendable chunks

  5. Knowledge of pro-active/reactive space allocation

  6. Knowledge of fragmentation and database design (online attach/detach)

  7. Knowledge of compression

Section 3 - System Activity Monitoring and Troubleshooting (14%)

  1. Monitor and isolate problems using system databases

  2. Monitor the message log file for abnormal activity

  3. Use the Informix utilities to view information about the database server

  4. Use the admin API to view information about the database server

  5. Use of concurrency and locking

Section 4 - Performance Tuning (16%)

  1. Configure online shared memory parameters

  2. Determine optimal disk layout and configuration

  3. Utilize Parallel Database Query (PDQ) to optimize query performance

  4. Use UPDATE STATISTICS to achieve optimal performance

  5. Configure system for optimal checkpoint duration, recovery logs, auto checkpoints

  6. Monitor the number of Virtual Processors (VPs) needed for the resources available

  7. Manage network parameters for optimal communication performance

  8. Knowledge of DSS vs OLTP tuning differences

  9. Manage temporary tables and files

Section 5 - Backup and Restore (8%)

  1. Select the appropriate backup and restore strategy and restore utilities for a particular situation

  2. Configure Onbar parameters for optimal backup and restore performance

  3. Configure ontape parameters for optimal backup and restore performance

  4. Use of operation modes

Section 6 - Replication and High Availability (10%)

  1. Demonstrate the ability to manage and configure ER

  2. Demonstrate the ability to manage and configure GRID

  3. Demonstrate the ability to manage and configure Mach 11 and HDR

  4. Demonstrate knowledge of Connection Manager

Section 7 - Warehousing (8%)

  1. Knowledge of Multi-index Star Join, Snow Flake support

  2. Knowledge of Fragmentation

  3. Knowledge of merge and external tables

Section 8 - Security (12.5%)

  1. Knowledge of Non OS users

  2. Knowledge of SRL auditing / auditing

  3. Knowledge of trusted context

  4. Knowledge of authentication, authorization, and encryption

  5. Knowledge of privileges

  6. Demonstrate ability to configure a secure DBMS - Role separation

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