Exam Code: C2040-986
Exam Name: Creating IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Applications with Xpages and Advanced Techniques
Questions: 164 Q&As
Updated: 2019-02-03
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Test information:

  • Number of questions: 82
  • Time allowed in minutes: 100
  • Passing score: 75%
  • Language: English
  • Test Fee: 30 USD
  • Sponsor Area: IBM Collaboration Solutions Assessment
  • Test Title: LOT-986 Assessment: Creating IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Applications with Xpages and Advanced Techniques

Exam 986: Creating IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Applications with Xpages and Advanced Techniques

Exam Competencies

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Description:Covers Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 material as it relates to these competency areas:

Advanced Techniques

  • Application Architecture
  • Application Configuration
  • Programming and Design Elements
  • Security

Using xpages

  • Xpages Application Architecture
  • Xpages Application Configuration
  • Xpages Application Security
  • Xpages Design Elements
  • Xpages in Domino Applications

Application Architecture

  1. Designing Web applications that read non-Domino data

  2. Setting up Web site rules

Application Configuration

  1. Creating and enabling a Data Connection Resource

  2. Setting database ACL advanced properties

Programming and Design Elements

  1. Advanced options for columns

  2. Create and use image resource sets

  3. Creating a Web service Consumer

  4. Enabling and using agent profiling

  5. Integrating eclipse features into the design including working set

  6. Personalizing Web site experience using Cookies

  7. Understanding XSLT

  8. Using electronic signatures in Notes applications

  9. Working with DXL Tools


  1. Determining Secure Sockets Layer security

  2. Planning application security based on Web authentication

  3. Planning Single Sign-on

  4. Setting and troubleshooting agent security

  5. Setting Database Access

    1. Controlling Web Authentication

    2. Using Anonymous Access

    3. Using Maximum Internet name and password

    4. Using Roles

  6. Setting database ACL advanced properties

  7. Understanding Database encryption

  8. Using Mail encryption

Xpages Application Architecture

  1. Comparing available Features

  2. Comparing forms based to Xpages Application architecture

  3. Comparing Security Features

  4. Designing applications that work on mobile clients

  5. Designing applications that work on Web clients

  6. Exploring page layout and navigation

  7. Planning an Xpages Application

  8. Planning your Xpages application navigation

  9. Understand server tasks for web browsing

  10. Understand the purpose and features of Xpages

    1. Capabilities of themes

    2. Distinctions between themes and CSS

    3. Extensible via custom controls

    4. Understand the Purpose and value of preprogrammed simple actions in Web Applications

    5. Value of being Ajax enabled

  11. Understanding server tasks for Web browsing

  12. Understanding Xpages application architecture

Xpages Application Configuration

  1. Setting database launch properties(launching into Xpages)

    1. Open designated page in notes client (Xpages) - forms properties

    2. Open designated Xpage for the notes client- database properties

  2. Troubleshooting database performance

    1. Caching (Xpages)

    2. Server page persistence (Xpages)

    3. Single copy Xpage design

Xpages Application Security

  1. Restricting access to an Xpage

  2. Server document settings affecting Xpages

  3. Transforming domino forms into xpages withXSLT

  4. Troubleshooting Effective Access

  5. Using Xpage Custom Control ACLs

Xpages Design Elements

  1. Creating, Troubleshooting, Modifying Custom Controls

  2. Creating, Troubleshooting, Modifying Xpages

  3. Deploying, utilizing LotusScript agents

  4. Restricting access to an Xpage

  5. Troubleshooting workflow routing issues

  6. Understand purpose and use of the Outline view

  7. Understanding the JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)

  8. Using calendar views in applications

  9. Using design perspectives

  10. Using electronic signatures in Notes applications

  11. Working with visibility formulas

Xpages in Domino Applications

  1. Change Document Mode

  2. Confirm Action

  3. Connecting to Enterprise data

  4. Create Response Document

  5. Delete Document

  6. Delete Selected Documents

  7. Design and develop using XPages, including:

    1. Add styles

    2. Create and edit and use Theme resources

    3. Debug XPage programming issues

  8. Execute Script

  9. Javascript

    1. Accessing databases, views, and documents

    2. Searching for documents in a view or database

    3. Stepping through a view to access documents

  10. Leverage Global functions in Server-side scripting

    1. ApplicationScope

    2. Context

    3. Cookie

    4. FacesContext

    5. GetClientId

    6. GetComponent

    7. Header

    8. Param

    9. RequestScope

    10. SessionScope

    11. View

  11. Managing data and design replication

  12. Modify Field

  13. Open Page

  14. Other Controls

    1. Use Container Controls

    2. Use Core Controls

  15. Programming with the formula language

  16. Save Data Sources

  17. Save Document

  18. Server document settings affecting the Xpages

  19. Set Value

  20. Understand purpose and use of the Controls Palette

  21. Understand purpose and use of the Data Palette

  22. Understand the purpose and use of the events view

  23. Use pre-programmed simple actions in Web applications, including

  24. Using @ commands in web Applications

  25. Using @ Functions in Web Applications

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