Exam Code: C2040-412
Exam Name: IBM Notes Traveler Administration
Questions: 118 Q&As
Updated: 2019-02-03
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Test information:

  • Number of questions: 59
  • Time allowed in minutes: 90
  • Required passing score: 71%
  • Test languages: English

Exam 412: IBM Notes Traveler Administration

Exam Competencies

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Description:Covers IBM Notes Travelermaterial as it relates to these competency areas:

  • Architecture
  • Deployment and Migration
  • Administration and Security
  • Troubleshooting


  1. Design/Architect IBM Notes Traveler deployment

  2. Understand hardware/software requirements for deployment

  3. Understand capacity planning

  4. Understand IBM Notes Traveler limits (not the mail server etc)

  5. Understand user concurrency limits for capacity planning

  6. Understand memory usage (IBM Domino and Java) for performance planning

  7. Understand connection flows between a user and IBM Notes Traveler and mail servers

  8. Understand IBM Domino mail clustering

  9. Design deployment dependencies 32/64 bitness for Java

  10. Define the purpose of a load balancer in an IBM Notes Traveler HA configuration

  11. Architect a database (SQL or IBM DB2) deployment for HADR

  12. Understand platform limitations for HADR

  13. Understand configuration requirements for connecting to backend database (JDBC URLs used to connect to database and join pool)

  14. Understand IP sprayer failover

Deployment and Migration

  1. Install IBM Notes Traveler (including IBM Domino)

  2. Configure network (router, firewall, proxy, etc.)

  3. Understand how to upgrade IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Domino (standalone)

  4. Understand how to upgrade IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Domino (HA)

  5. Install IBM DB2

  6. Migrate from stand-alone servers to a high availability environment

  7. Deploy Java security changes to allow JDBC driver load

  8. Configure LDAP

  9. Install IBM Notes Traveler client software (Android, Apple, BlackBerry)

  10. Understand device specifics

  11. Configure HTTP/S as it applies to the IBM Notes Traveler task

Administration and Security

  1. Understand and use basic console commands

  2. Register devices to use IBM Notes Traveler

  3. Utilize HTTP tuning parameters

  4. Understand how to perform Java configuration (JDBC driver)

  5. Understand/Manage device and web administration

  6. Understand database maintenance requirements for IBM Notes Traveler (Derby vs. enterprise database)

  7. Understand device-specific encryption configuration

  8. Work with Mobile Device Manager (MDM)

  9. Integrate BlackBerry with and without BlackBerry Enterprise Server

  10. Perform remote device management

  11. Understand IBM Notes Traveler password requirements

  12. Manage Allow/Deny Access

  13. Understand the difference between IBM Notes Traveler Device Settings document and IBM Domino Policies


  1. Monitor IBM Notes Traveler statistics

  2. Read and understand IBM Notes Traveler logs

  3. Understand client connectivity errors

  4. Use collection commands based on need

  5. Troubleshooting for capacity tuning

  6. Understand when a device is requesting a full sync

  7. Debug IBM Domino communication with IBM Notes Traveler

  8. Monitor disk.memory, CPU and network

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