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Technology: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Credit toward certification: MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

Manage the application life cycle (20–25%)

Understand the platform fundamentals

Packaging and the runtime environment: app package, app container, credentials/permission sets, host process, leverage existing HTML5 skills and content for slate/tablet applications

Manage the state of an application

Manage session state, app state, and persist state information; understand states of an application; understand the differences between local and session storage

Debug and test an HTML5-based, touch-enabled application

Touch gestures; understand which gestures you test on a device

Build the user interface (UI) by using HTML5 (25–30%)

Choose and configure HTML5 tags to display text content

Choose and configure HTML5 tags to display graphics

When, why, and how to use Canvas; when, why, and how to use scalable vector graphics (SVG)

Choose and configure HTML5 tags to play media

Video and audio tags

Choose and configure HTML5 tags to organize content and forms

Tables, lists, sections; semantic HTML

Choose and configure HTML5 tags for input and validation

Format the user interface by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (20–25%)

Understand the core CSS concepts

Separate presentation from content (create content with HTML and style content with CSS); manage content flow (inline versus block flow); manage positioning of individual elements( float versus absolute positioning); manage content overflow (scrolling, visible, and hidden); basic CSS styling

Arrange UI content by using CSS

Use flexible box and grid layouts to establish content alignment, direction, and orientation; proportional scaling and use of "free scale" for elements within a flexible box or grid; order and arrange content; concepts for using flex box for simple layouts and grid for complex layouts; grid content properties for rows and columns; use application templates

Manage the flow of text content by using CSS

Regions and using regions to flow text content between multiple sections (content source, content container, dynamic flow, flow-into, flow-from, msRegionUpdate, msRegionOverflow, msGetRegionContent); columns and hyphenation and using these CSS settings to optimize the readability of text; use "positioned floats" to create text flow around a floating object

Manage the graphical interface by using CSS

Graphics effects (rounded corners, shadows, transparency, background gradients, typography, and Web Open Font Format); two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) transformations (translate, scale, rotate, skew, and 3-D perspective transitions and animations); SVG filter effects; Canvas

Code by using JavaScript (30–35%)

Manage and maintain JavaScript

Create and use functions; jQuery and other third-party libraries

Update the UI by using JavaScript

Locate/access elements; listen and respond to events; show and hide elements; update the content of elements; add elements

Code animations by using JavaScript

Use animation; manipulate the canvas; work with images, shapes, and other graphics

Access data access by using JavaScript

Send and receive data; transmit complex objects and parsing; load and save files; App Cache; datatypes; forms; cookies; localStorage

Respond to the touch interface

Gestures, how to capture and respond to gestures

Code additional HTML5 APIs

GeoLocation, Web Workers, WebSocket; File API

Access device and operating system resources

In- memory resources, such as contact lists and calendar; hardware capabilities, such as GPS, accelerometer, and camera

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