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Updated: 2019-01-21
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Technology: Microsoft Office 2013 suites

Credit toward certification: MOS

Create and manage a database (20–25%)

Create a new database

Create new databases, create databases using templates, create databases in older formats, create databases using wizards

Manage relationships and keys

Edit references between tables, create and modify relationships, set primary key fields, enforce referential integrity, set foreign keys, view relationships

Navigate through a database

Navigate to specific records, set a form as the startup option, use navigation forms, set navigation options, change views

Protect and maintain a database

Compact databases, repair databases, back up databases, split databases, encrypt databases with a password, merge databases, recover data from backups

Print and export a database

Print reports, print records, maintain backward compatibility, save databases as templates, save databases to external locations, export to alternate formats

Build tables (25–30%)

Create a table

Create new tables, import external data into tables, create linked tables from external sources, import tables from other database, create tables from templates and application parts

Format a table

Hide fields in tables, change data formats, add total rows, add table descriptions, rename tables

Manage records

Update records, add new records, delete records, append records from external data, find and replace data, sort records, filter records, group records

Create and modify fields

Add fields to tables, add a validation rules to fields, change field captions, change field sizes, change field data types, configure fields to auto-increment, set default values, use input masks, delete fields

Create queries (15–20%)

Create a query

Run queries, create crosstab queries, create parameter queries, create action queries, create multi-table queries, save queries, delete queries

Modify a query

Rename queries, add new fields, remove fields, hide fields, sort data within queries, format fields within queries

Utilize calculated fields and grouping within a query

Add calculated fields, add conditional logic, group and summarize data, use comparison operators, use basic operators

Create forms (15–20%)

Create a form

Create new forms, create forms with application parts, save forms, delete forms

Set form controls

Move form controls, add form controls, modify data sources, remove form controls, set form control properties, manage labels

Format a form

Modify tab order in forms, format print layouts, sort records, apply themes, change margins, insert backgrounds, auto-order forms, insert headers and footers, insert images, modify existing forms

Create reports (15–20%)

Create a report

Create new reports, create reports with application parts, delete reports

Set report controls

Group data by fields, sort data, add sub-forms, modify data sources, add report controls, manage labels

Format a report

Format reports into multiple columns, add calculated fields, set margins, add backgrounds, change report orientation, change sort order, insert headers and footers, insert images, insert page numbers, apply themes, modify existing reports

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