Exam Code: 74-344
Exam Name: Managing Programs and Projects with Project Server 2013
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Updated: 2019-02-06
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Technology: Microsoft Project Server 2013

Credit toward certification: MCP

Create enterprise projects and portfolios (25–30%)

Define strategic alignment

Define business drivers, create multiple driver prioritizations, analyze consistency ratio, rate projects against business drivers, determine primary cost constraints, determine resource constraints

Optimize portfolios

Set project dependencies, create a portfolio analysis, review and modify prioritizations in an analysis, force projects in and out of analysis, determine hired resources, compare and run simulations for project portfolio selection, add additional constraints

Create a new enterprise project

Create a project by choosing a specific project type and going through a workflow, create a Microsoft SharePoint task list project, create SharePoint item lists for ideation and requests, use workflow approvals, import projects through Project Professional, create and manage project schedules using Project Web App, save and check in projects

Create a program with master projects and sub-projects

Insert sub-projects, create cross-project task dependencies, create a temporary master project, calculate sub-project summary fields, display a master project in Project Web App

Plan enterprise projects and resources (25–30%)

Manage resources and teams

Edit resources with Project Web App, edit resources with Project Professional, create team resources, create team assignments, add a team task to a task page or timesheet, map resource roles (portfolio analysis)

Build a resource plan

Build a team for a resource plan, build a resource plan for a project, set resource utilization, use committed versus proposed assignments

Build a project team

Build a Project Team through Project Professional, build a Project Team through Project Web App, replace generic resources, work with proposed assignments, import a team resource plan

Resolve resource over-allocations across projects

Use leveling tools; use Team Planner, Task usage, and Resource Center availability views; evaluate how SharePoint task list projects impact availability

Baseline enterprise projects

Set a protected baseline, set a baseline from Project Web App, set a baseline from Project Professional, clear a baseline, copy a baseline

Track and collaborate on an enterprise project (25–30%)

Select a tracking method

Use percent complete, hours per period, actual work remaining, freeform, done, and not done fields

Manage task assignments

Publish assignments, select a status manager, select an assignment owner, set the published values for individual tasks

Update tasks and timesheets

Submit and recall timesheets, insert and remove tasks, reassign tasks, update Task Status from SharePoint My Tasks, submit updates from My Tasks

Approve tasks and timesheets

Accept task updates from tasks or timesheets, view impact of updates on a project, reject updates, approve and reject timesheets, manage delegations

Update a project schedule

Reschedule uncompleted work, update cost resources, publish schedule changes, utilize task update history, update schedules with protected user updates, close tasks for updates

Manage configurable enterprise objects (20–25%)

Customize Project Web App views and reports

Create a portfolio report using Microsoft Excel, create dashboards, copy and edit views, set default views, rename field names, group, filter, and sort views

Manage and extend Project Online and Project Server

Create and manage enterprise project templates, define enterprise custom fields, define Project Server workflows, define enterprise global objects, extend with Office Store apps, add social elements

Manage risks, issues, and deliverables

Add risks and issues, add documents, add deliverables, set a dependency on a deliverable, synchronize deliverables with projects, link related items

Customize a project site

Add Document Library, add Lists, add Calendar, add Folders, modify site layout, create program (master-sub) structure using sub-sites

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