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Identifying cause of and resolving desktop application issues (20%)

  • Solve software installation escalations

    • Installation permissions; local administrator requirement; licensing restrictions; digital signing

  • Solve software failure escalations

    • Checking the logs; checking whether the application runs in Safe mode; running the application in a previous version of Windows; repairing the installation; checking recently added programs; restoring or reimaging the system

Identifying cause of and resolving networking issues (23%)

  • Solve enterprise logon issues

    • Hardware vs. network; password expiration; trust relationships with machine accounts; determining logon context; logon hours compliance

  • Solve enterprise network connectivity issues

    • Determining scope of issue; determining whether it’s a PC or a network connectivity issue; TCP/IP; hardware and cabling; proxies; default gateway

  • Solve enterprise names resolution issues

    • Checking which DNS is assigned; flushing the DNS cache; nslookup to DNS server; checking the DHCP scopes

  • Solve enterprise network printer issues

    • Hardware failure; server issues; printer failure; network issues; driver issues

Managing and maintaining systems that run Windows 7 client (21%)

  • Identify and/or resolve performance issues

    • Analyzing system and application logs; analyzing started services; setting power management; checking hard drive space; optimizing virtual memory

  • Solve hardware failure issues

    • Identifying bad sectors; diagnosing memory issues; recommending replacement hardware; updating the BIOS; determining which component is broken

Supporting mobile users (18%)

  • Solve enterprise wireless connectivity issues

    • Signal strength; encryption types; encryption keys; wireless profiles; mobile devices

  • Solve enterprise remote access issues

    • VPN client not connecting; IPv6 support; access and authentication to network resources

Identifying cause of and resolving security issues (18%)

  • Solve Windows Internet Explorer security issues

    • Adding trusted sites; advanced settings; installing plug-ins; identifying group policy restrictions; certificates

  • Solve enterprise issues due to malicious software

    • Analyzing services; analyzing programs; analyzing processes; analyzing browser helper add-ons; user account control

  • Solve enterprise storage security issues

    • Requirements for installing; recovering encryption keys; key management

  • Solve enterprise software update issues

    • Identifying software update level; checking whether client is receiving regularly scheduled updates; identifying incompatibility of update with other applications

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