Audience Profile
Candidates for this exam should have at least three years of experience installing, configuring, and administering any Windows operating system in a networked environment and at least two years of experience providing desktop, laptop, and mobile device support.

Identifying Causeof andResolving DesktopApplication Issues

  • Solve softwareinstallation escalations.

  • Solve softwareconfiguration escalations.

Identifying Causeof andResolving NetworkingIssues

  • Solve enterpriselogon issues.

  • Solve enterprisenetwork connectivityissues.

Managing andMaintaining SystemsThat RunWindows 7Client

  • Identify and/orresolve performanceissues.

Supporting MobileUsers

  • Solve enterprisewireless connectivityissues.

  • Solve enterpriseremote accessissues.

Deploying Windows7

  • Deploy asystem image.

  • Configure aVHD.

Configuring Hardwareand Applications

  • Configure applicationcompatibility.

  • Configure applicationrestrictions.

Configuring NetworkConnectivity

  • Configure IPv6network settings.

  • Configure remotemanagement.

Configuring Accessto Resources

  • Configure useraccount control(UAC).

  • Configure BranchCache.

Configuring MobileComputing

  • Configure BitLockerand BitLockerTo Go.

  • Configure DirectAccess.