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Install and configure servers (25-30%)

  • Install servers

    • Plan for a server installation; plan for server roles; plan for a server upgrade; install Server Core; optimize resource utilization by using Features on Demand; migrate roles from previous versions of Windows Server

  • Configure servers

    • Configure Server Core; delegate administration; add and remove features in offline images; deploy roles on remote servers; convert Server Core to/from full GUI; configure services; configure NIC teaming

  • Configure local storage

    • Design storage spaces; configure basic and dynamic disks; configure MBR and GPT disks; manage volumes; create and mount virtual hard disks (VHDs); configure storage pools and disk pools

Configure server roles and features (20-25%)

  • Configure servers for remote management

    • Configure WinRM; configure down-level server management; configure servers for day-to-day management tasks; configure multi-server management; configure Server Core; configure Windows Firewall

Configure Hyper-V (25-30%)

  • Create and configure virtual machine settings

    • Configure dynamic memory; configure smart paging; configure Resource Metering; configure guest integration services

  • Create and configure virtual machine storage

    • Create VHDs and VHDX; configure differencing drives; modify VHDs; configure pass-through disks; manage snapshots; implement a virtual Fibre Channel adapter

  • Create and configure virtual networks

    • Implement Hyper-V Network Virtualization; configure Hyper-V virtual switches; optimize network performance; configure MAC addresses; configure network isolation; configure synthetic and legacy virtual network adapters

Install and administer Active Directory (25-30%)

  • Install domain controllers

    • Add or remove a domain controller from a domain; upgrade a domain controller; install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on a Server Core installation; install a domain controller from install from media (IFM); resolve DNS SRV record registration issues; configure a global catalog server

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