Exam Code: 1Z0-820
Exam Name: Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator Exam
Questions: 75 Q&As
Updated: 2019-02-06
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Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
Exam Number: 1Z0-820
Associated Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator , OPN Certified Specialist
Exam Product Version: Solaris 11 Administration,
Duration: 120 minutes
Number of Questions: 75
Passing Score: 66%
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against OS 11.
format: Multiple Choice

Exam Topics

Transitioning to Oracle Solaris 11

  • Describe key considerations for transitioning from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11

Managing Software Packages in Oracle Solaris 11

  • Describe the Image Packaging System (IPS)
  • Plan for moving to IPS
  • Configure a local package repository
  • Configure network client systems to use IPS
  • Manage packages using IPS
  • Manage signed packages and package properties
  • Update the OS image by using IPS
  • Publish a software package by using IPS
  • Manage boot environments

Installing the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System

  • Describe Oracle Solaris 11 installation options
  • Plan for an Oracle Solaris 11 installation
  • Perform Attended and Unattended Installations
  • Configure an AI server
  • Configure an AI client
  • Install Oracle Solaris 11 by using AI
  • Compare a JumpStart OS installation to an AI OS installation
  • Convert a JumpStart configuration to an AI configuration
  • Describe the distribution constructor

Administering Oracle Solaris 11 Zones

  • Describe the new zone features and enhancements
  • Create a Solaris 11 zone
  • Log on and off, start up, shut down, and halt zones
  • Allocate system resources to a Solaris zone
  • Identify current zone configuration and zone resource allocations on the system
  • Configure a Solaris 10 zone
  • Perform a virtual-to-virtual migration of zones present in the source system (V2V)
  • Migrate a physical Solaris 10 system to a Solaris 10 zone (P2V)
  • Configure a non-global zone by using AI
  • Monitor zone resource consumption
  • Delegate zone administration
  • Manage the Scheduling Class of a zone
  • Monitor the FSS
  • Configure the FSS

Oracle Solaris 11 Network

  • Configure systems on a local network using the new facilities and commands
  • Manage the network using new Solaris 11 management utilities
  • Configure NFS server and clients and administer NFS services
  • Configure Network Auto-Magic (NWAM)
  • Configure IPMP
  • Configure network virtualization
  • Configure a network bridge
  • Monitor the network using the new Solaris 11 network monitoring utilities

Oracle Solaris 11 Storage

  • Create, destroy and query a ZFS storage pool
  • Create, destroy and query a ZFS file system
  • Create, destroy and query a ZFS snapshot
  • Create and destroy a ZFS clone
  • Configure data backup and restore
  • Manage ZFS properties
  • Describe the new storage features and enhancements
  • Split a mirrored ZFS storage pool
  • Identify ZFS snapshot differences
  • Configure ZFS deduplication
  • Configure COMSTAR
  • Perform Shadow Migration

Oracle Solaris 11 Security

  • Describe the new security features and enhancements
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework
  • Encrypt ZFS data
  • Use the Basic Audit Reporting Tool (BART) to audit system files
  • Configure Solaris Auditing
  • Configure and Use RBAC
  • Configure and manage privileges

Services and Processes

  • Configure SMF Services
  • Manage process scheduling priority

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Monitor system resources
  • Configure system crash facilities
  • Configure dump facilities for business application failure

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