Exam Code: 1Z0-525
Exam Name: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.6 for ERP Essentials
Questions: 71 Q&As
Updated: 2019-01-21
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Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7 for ERP Essentials
Exam Number: 1Z0-525
Associated Certifications: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7 for ERP Certified Implementation Specialist , OPN Certified Specialist
Exam Product Version: E-Business Suite Business Intelligence,
Duration: 105 minutes
Number of Questions: 72
Passing Score: 62%
Validated Against: This exam has been validated agains 7.9.6
format: Multiple Choice

Exam Topics

Oracle BI and EPM System Overview

  • Describe Oracle’s overall EPM System
  • Define and describe business analytics and business intelligence
  • Describe how Oracle BI Applications address business intelligence challenges
  • Describe the Oracle BI Applications products & components

Oracle BI Applications Architecture

  • Identify the major components of the Oracle BI Applications architecture
  • Describe the function of Oracle BI Applications components
  • Explain the relationships among Oracle BI Applications components
  • Describe archtectural alternatives for a BI Applications implementation

Oracle BI Applications components Installation & Configuration

  • Describe BI Application system requirements and supported platforms
  • Install BI Applications server components
  • Install Informatica PowerCenter client tools
  • Configure Informatica PowerCenter for Oracle BI Applications
  • Install Oracle Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC)
  • Configure DAC for Oracle BI Applications
  • Configure the out of the box Oracle BI Applications Repository
  • Validate Oracle BI Applications installations Oracle Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC) User Interface Overview
  • Explain the components of the DAC user interface
  • Explain ETL basics and relation between Informatica and DAC
  • Use DAC to define and execute out of the box execution plans
  • Use DAC to define and execute new ETL Batches
  • Use DAC and Informatica to monitor Task executions
  • Use DAC and Informatica to debug failed Tasks
  • Use settings for Change Data Capture
  • Use DAC for Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse maintenance

Oracle BI Applications Security

  • Use session variables and external database authentication
  • Use usergroups for user interface security

Oracle BI User Interface Integration

  • Explain options to integrate Requests and Dashboards in web portals
  • Use single sign-on fucntionality to integrate with OLTP source systems.
  • Use action link fucntionality to integrate with OLTP source systems. Oracle BI Applications Customizations
  • Describe types of customization in Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse
  • Define steps in Informatica for a type I Customization
  • Define steps in Informatica for a type II Customization
  • Define steps for registering customizations in DAC
  • Finalize and test customizations

Oracle BI Applications Project planning & Deployment

  • Explain Oracle BI Applications project flow
  • Promote materials to a new environment
  • Define team roles and capabilities

Oracle BI Applications specifics for Oracle eBusiness Suite

  • Configuring Oracle BI Applications for e Business Suite
  • Use Oracle Slow

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