Exam Code: 1Z0-241
Exam Name: PeopleSoft Application Develper I: PeopleTools&PeopleCode
Questions: 184 Q&As
Updated: 2019-01-25
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PeopleSoft Application Developer I: PeopleTools & PeopleCode
Exam Number: 1Z0-241
Associated Certifications: PeopleTools 8 Application Developer Certified Expert , OPN Certified Specialist
Exam Product Version: PeopleTools - Tools and Technology,
Duration: 105 minutes
Number of Questions: 80
Passing Score: 64%
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against Rel. 8.48, 8.50 and 8.51.
format: Multiple Choice

Exam Topics


Navigating PeopleSoft Applications

  • Access, enter and modify information in PeopleSoft applications.
  • Use PeopleBooks to find information.

Explaining PeopleSoft Architecture

  • Describe the structure of PeopleSoft databases.
  • Explain basic data transfer in PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture.
  • Identify the requirements for the development environment.

Organizing Data

Validating Data

  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate validation type in PeopleSoft applications.

Developing Applications by Using the Eight Steps

  • Explain the steps of PeopleSoft application development.

Designing the Application

Defining Fields

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage field definitions.
  • Use Application Designer to create and manage translate values.

Creating Record Definitions

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage record definitions.

Building SQL Tables

  • Use Application Designer to create and maintain database structures.

Creating Page Definitions

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage page definitions.

Defining Components

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage component definition.

Registering Components

  • Use Application Designer to register a component definition.

Testing an Application

  • Test and troubleshoot common development errors in basic applications.

Editing the Registry Structure

  • Manage Portal Registry structures. (Manage the PeopleSoft Portal Registry.)

Creating Menu Definitions

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage menu definitions.

Analyzing the Impact of Design Changes

  • Identify the impact of changing definition properties on an application.

Building Applications

Searching Applications by Using the Verity Search Engine

  • Use the Verity Search engine to search PeopleSoft applications.
  • Create and maintain a Verity search collection.

Performing Data Audits

  • Use Application Designer to audit PeopleSoft applications.

Importing and Exporting Projects

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage projects


Using Views in PeopleSoft Applications

  • Use Application Designer to create and maintain SQL views.
  • Use Application Designer to create and maintain Query views.

Creating Summary Pages Using Views

  • Use Application Designer to create and manage summary pages.

Creating and Using Search Records

  • Create and manage component search records.
  • Create and manage component add search records.

Using Views as Prompt Table Edits

  • Create and manage views that take advantage of prompting mechanics.

Explaining TableSet Sharing

  • Set up and maintain TableSet sharing.

Creating Parent-Child Relationships

  • Use Application Designer to enforce referential integrity.

Explaining Buffer Allocation

  • Describe buffer allocation and its impact on performance.

Creating Sub records and Sub pages

  • Create and maintain sub records.
  • Create and maintain sub pages.

Using Deferred Processing

  • Choose a processing mode based on a given scenario.

Introducing PeopleCode in an Application

Using Objects in PeopleCode

Creating Custom Objects with Application Classes

Using Images in PeopleSoft Applications

  • Use Application Designer to manage image definitions.
  • Use Application Designer to manage image field definitions.

Designing Pages Using Style Sheets

  • Use Application Designer to manage stylesheet definitions.
  • Apply stylesheets in PeopleSoft applications.

Designing More Advanced Pages

  • Create, maintain, and use message catalog entries.
  • Use Application Designer to create and maintain hyperlinks on pages.


Technology Overview

  • Explain how PeopleCode is used

Using PeopleCode Development Tools

  • Choose the best PeopleTools definition with which to associate a program
  • Use the PeopleCode Editor locate, open, create, and edit programs
  • Use the PeopleCode debugger to observe program execution

Describing the Component Processor

  • Trace the Component Processor flow.
  • Identify PeopleCode search events.
  • Identify PeopleCode component build events.
  • Identify PeopleCode field action events.
  • Identify PeopleCode row action events.
  • Identify PeopleCode save action events.

Writing PeopleCode Programs

  • Write PeopleCode statements.
  • Use conditional statements
  • Use looping statements

Understanding PeopleCode Events

  • Match PeopleCode programs to the correct events

Using PeopleCode Variables

  • Create user-defined PeopleCode variables.
  • Use system variables.
  • Incorporate derived/work fields into PeopleSoft applications.

Using Built-In Functions

  • Use built-in functions

Writing PeopleCode Functions

  • Write external PeopleCode functions.

Explaining the Component Buffer

  • Determine the order of execution of PeopleCode programs based on buffer allocation rules

Accessing Data in the Component Buffer

  • Process rows in the component buffer using loops.

Programming With Object- Oriented PeopleCode

  • Write object-oriented PeopleCode programs

Referencing Data in the Component Buffer

  • Define the data buffer classes.
  • Instantiate the data buffer access classes.
  • Traverse the data buffer.

Creating Custom Objects with Application Classes

  • Describe application classes.
  • Organize application classes using application packages.

Using Data Buffer Methods

  • Use object-oriented methods manipulate the data buffer

Executing SQL in PeopleCode

  • Use SQL to read and modify data tables

Query, Crystal and Process Scheduler

  • Query
  • Use PeopleSoft Query Manager to extract information from PeopleSoft application data tables
  • Use Query Access Groups to secure and access record definitions
  • Create, edit, and manage queries using Query Manager


  • Configure Crystal Reports to use PeopleSoft application data
  • Create and manage reports in Crystal Reports for PeopleSoft
  • Schedule and distribute Crystal Reports by using the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

Process Scheduler

  • Configure and run a process using PeopleSoft Process Scheduler
  • Use the Process Monitor to assess the status of a process
  • Create, edit, and manage the elements o

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